╬♫My First Angel EP.3 (SAKURA AND YUURI)♫╬

23 Nov

~~  I’m listening to “Kiss the Rain” by Yiruma…  ~~

~~ I hope you’ll like this Episode, It’s about Sakura and Yuuri…  ~~

~~Pia, ayan n yung request mo sa akin…heheh… ENJOY… by the way Hi-yieh to everyone!~~

╬♫My First Angel (SAKURA AND YUURI)♫╬

<<moment nila yan,walang mangengealam OKAY!!!>>

Today is Yuuri’s Birthday… It’s November 30 (well suppose it’s November 30 today okay?)…Everybody is invited to come to his house because he want to throw a big party. He announced it to everyone in their class…

Now it’s recess time, Sakura was alone sitting on a bench – She’s not with Hikari because she want to think about somethings and when she wanted to think about something she would want to be alone… A little later someone joined her, she looked up and saw Yuuri looking at the sky…

“It’s so nice, huh…”, Yuuri smiled, but he’s still looking at the sky

“Yah, It’s so beautiful too…” Sakura looked up too.

“So, why are you here alone?” Yuuri finally looked at Sakura

“I just wanna think about somethings that are bothering me.”, Sakura’s eyes fell down, ” how about you? What are you doing here?” she continued.

“I just want to formally invite to my birthday party, and I just wanna ask if you want join me to go downstairs in my party I mean, you know to escort me or something, like being partners??? uhm, like a…”

“Shussh, okay I got the point.”Sakura gigled

“Okay,well then,” He inhaled, then he suddenly stoped like he don’t know what to say.

“You look like, you’re so nervous…” Sakura laughed

“N-no, it’s just that…ughhh, forget it, I’ll see you later at my party.Bye..Hehehh…” Yuuri ran away.

“What’s the matter with him?” Sakura muttered

Yuuri was talking to himself on the rooftop…

“What’s the matter with me!? I only asked Sakura to be my partner…What am I so nervous about?”

When the classbell rang, they’re all in their room…

I’ts finally the end of the day. Hikari went to the resto-bar… Then Yabu entered there again…

“What are you doing here?” Hikari asked with a low voice.

“Sakura told me that you were still here… “Yabu explained

“So???…”Hikari turned to face the table of wine that she was cleaning.

“What do you mean so???I’ts Yuuri’s special day… C’mon,my friend is expecting you to be there, were all invited.”

“But it’s my shift, and do you think I can make it there without changing clothes to a gown?”

“Here’s your clothes,go change, and I’ll talk to the manager.”Yabu handed her the box of gown with complete accessories.

They finally made it to the party… Hikari had the most beautiful dress there…

After a few seconds the speaker turned to the audience…

“Good evening everyone! I would like to present you Chinen Yuuri and his partner this night… Hikaru Sakura!!! Give them a round of applause…

While they came out of the room that faced toward each other the song “Kiss the Rain” was played… They met in the middle and then they faced the stairs. They went down, you will see there that Sakura’s hidden beauty has been unleashed by her gown and her hair style…

“This is perfect!!!” a voice whispered under her breath…(Okay, I’ll explain this line on the next coming episodes,…)

It’s the most wonderful night for Sakura and Yuuri, but Sakura is bothered by her thoughts…


{End Of EP.3}

~~ After 2 episodes there will be a bonus episode for every character… ~~

~~ This is denise – aka – BLACKMUSICA signing-off ~~


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  1. rei-chan November 25, 2009 at 1:23 AM #

    ui may bonus chap pa!!katuwa naman..

    keep ’em coming!! ^_^

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