╬♫My First Angel EP.4 Part 2♫╬

29 Nov

~~ Today, I didn’t follow my plans. I planned to make the scrapbook that our teacher told us to do, and I planned to do our report in MAPeH, but there goes my plan ruined by the “NEW MOON” book – I spent my whole day to read it, I mean it this time… I was irrevocably obsessed to it…~~

~~I am now listening to Jesse McCartney’s “Because you live“~~

~~ Pia! I’m not sure I can make it tomorrow, due to my plans. I’m sorry. I really am…~~

~~This is the other half on the EP.4… ENJOY!!!~~

╬♫My First Angel EP.4 Part 2♫╬

When the man who was running finally made it. He was shocked.

“What are you two doing?”, a calm familiar voice whispered.

“What do you care?!What do you want! C’mon! We’re having fun here, why don’t you just go away?!”, The tall man faced the guy… Hikari saw the guy and it was Yabu, her eyes widen.

“Well, you know what, that girl’s mine, if you don’t mind this is my territory.” ,he said still with that calm cold voice.

“Oh, really!”, the tall guy walked toward Yabu. but Yabu is standing like a statue, he didn’t even moved when the tall guy was about to hit him, Hikari closed her eyes and then when she noticed that Yabu didn’t fell down, she opened her eyes with relief and then she was shocked when she saw Yabu held the clenched hand of the tall guy being bent as the guy fell down on his knees. The short guy run away, and then Yabu warned the guy who’s on his knees… “Don’t ever dare to enter my territory! Or i’ll kill you!”, Yabu let the man go…And then when Hikari was about to thank him. He pushed Hikari to the tree and stared at her eyes with half anger and half annoyed.

He shook his head,” You’re unbelievable, it’s a good thing that I own this place well not that meaning of OWN,” he paused, “Do you know that this place is the best place that a molester can attack?,” he paused again and then he sighed,”You’re so annoying as ever!Go home now okay and take bath so you’ll be more comfortable,” he sounded as if he was like my dad or something.

“Okay,” I looked down as I walk.

“Hikari,be safe,” his voice turned to somewhat polite and then it changed as he continued,”I don’t want you to annoy someone like what you always do to me. And I’m not worried about you okay! Just to make it clear!!!”

Hikari just nodded and then went back home.

When she reached home, she cooked dinner. After washing the dishes, she took a bath and then go to sleep.


~>Hey everybody! I’m so sorry that this part is so short, I’m running out of ideas in this Part… But the next EPISODE will be more exciting… Watch out for those new characters..<~


One Response to “╬♫My First Angel EP.4 Part 2♫╬”

  1. rei-chan December 5, 2009 at 12:14 PM #

    binabasa mo din pla ung book..ganda no hehehe..

    can’t wait for the next chaps heehee~

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