╬♫My First Angel EP. 5 Part1♫╬

11 Dec

~~Hey, sorry for not updating… GRRR!!! The projects made me dizzy and busy this week, it’s a great thing that I can have a break this friday because we have no classes, they’re going on a field trip..~

~~I’m searching for other books to read, except the twilight sequels, I was just thinking if some of you people could give me the tittle of the book that you think I could be busy reading with…~

╬♫My First Angel Ep. 5 Part 1♫╬

It’s already Monday, Hikari went to school, and it’s a surprise that she’s not late…She went directly to their classroom, she found Yabu sitting by the window.

The silence startled Hikari, I mean, it wasn’t like Yabu to be quiet…Hikari sat quietly on her seat… a few minutes later but still no one entered the room… The silence is so frightening.

“Hey, do you want to be alone or something, ’cause it seems like you don’t wanna talk or something,” Hikari finally opened a conversation, but Yabu is still not answering not even a move. Hikari decided to come closer to Yabu to check if he’s really okay, when she’s close enough, she was shocked to see Yabu sleeping – he’s like an angel.

“Beautiful,” She whispered, but it was so audible.

Yabu’s eyes widen at Hikari. And then he stood up.

“Who told you that you could disturb me!!!” Yabu walked forward and it leads Hikari to the wall till Yabu had her between his long arms that extends to touch the wall…He looked into Hikari’s eyes and then Yabu noticed that Hikari’s eyes were scared just like the girl’s eyes who he embraced when he was a little kid, when he saw his father got mad at his mom and then he went out of thier house to run away and escape the pain in his chest… the girl he found under the tree, the girl who cried on her shoulder that night…

Yabu freed Hikari and looked away, “i’m sorry, it’s just that I dont want anyone to disturb me when I’m sleeping.”

Hikari’s eyes widen when she heard Yabu said SORRY to her…

~~[yabu’s POV]

…”What’s with the eyes? What was that in her eyes that made me feel weak?” His calm question to himself.

~~[end POV]

“Attention to all students here…” the speaker called,” Your classes are suspended… So go home and get some rest.”

“Go home safely and don’t ever annoy someone and don’t you ever cross that way again where you encountered those maniacs…” Yabu’s voice was different – its was quiet and pleasant and so beautiful.

Hikari picked her bag up and shrug it on her shoulders.

“I can’t go home early today cause I got a jub to do…” Hikari answered.

Hikari went out straight to where she works.

“Hey, Hikari, it’s great that you’re early, the manager wants to talk to you.” the floor manager informed.

Hikari went to the manager’s office.

“Miss Utau, I’m very sorry, you’re fired.”

“But, why?”

“WHY?! Now you’re asking me why?! You didn’t do your job well these past few days, you’re always out, and that Mr. Tall guy always pick you up even if it’s your shift, so I decided to hire someone who can do a full time shift! That’s all goodbye!”

“Welll, thanks for firing me because it sucks to be here!” the manager was shocked about what Hikari said,” Yah!!!You heard it right! This place is the worst place I’d ever seen!!! I’m out’a here!!!”

Hikari went out the resurant.”Well, who cares if he fired me! I’m sure that I can find a job better than this!”

Hikari didn’t know that Yabu’s been stalking her from the start.When Hikari arrived home Yabu felt a little familiar on this place.

Then Yabu heard that someone is coming, he hid behind a tree, he watched the woman walk infront of Hikari’s house. She knocked.Hikari opened the door, Yabu saw she was shocked and then the woman blocked Hikari’s mouth before she can scream…Yabu had an adrenaline rush, and then all he knew is he’s already infront of Hikari’s house and he knocked.Hikari opened the door. Hikari had those wide eyes again.

“What did she do to you? Why did you let her in?”Yabu rushed his question.

“Are you stalking me?” Hikari asked…

“Is that what you think?” Yabu’s voice was worried.

“Hey, you’re worried…” Hikari raised one eye brow.

“No, i’m not.”This time his voice was plain.

“Hey, who are you talking to?” the woman asked.

“Uhm, not so important person…!”Hikari shouted with worry

“I’m her fiance!” Yabu houted as he walked into the room.

“What did you do to her, what do you want?” Yabu’s voice was still plain and undescribable.

The woman turned to glance at Yabu and then she turned to HIkari again.

“I didn’t know you have a fiance… You know I would like to have a coversation to you two…Let’s sit.” The woman sat beautifully.

“I’m Rei Shoujo, I am a talent manager, and my photographer is Miyaki Sora, she once found you in a party and then she followed you Hikari, she followed you at work , at school even here in your house. And she knew that you’re fired today, so I decided to……….”before Rei finished her offer Hikari interupted…

” Wait , you mean she knows everything, even my background?” Hikari was shocked.

“Yes…. are you angry about that?”

“No! are you kidding?That’s cool… so what have you decided,go on finish what you were saying..”

“I decided to make you a star, if that’s okay with you and if that’s okay, can I get your number and you’re fiance’s number so I can contact you if we found you a new……..” Again Hikari interrupted..

“Sure,sure here’s my number…” Hikari handed her cellphone to the manager.After getting her number Ms.Rei Faced Yabu.

“And your number?”


“great!I’ll contact you two tomorrow… bye.I’ll leave now, I got so many things to do…” Ms. Rei Went directly to the door and twisted the knob…

When Hikari and Yabu was left in the living room.

“So, this is Hikari Utau, huh…” He looked around.

“What are you still doing here?” Hikari was annoyed…

“Me?” Yabu faced her and gigled.” I’m your FIANCE…” Yabu smiled widely.

“OOOOOHHHHH!!!! You’re so getting into my nerves.”

“You sound so annoyed.” Yabu smiled beautifully.

“You can’t convince my by smiling so beautifully, you know.!” Hikari’s still annoyed

Yabu walked forward again and then Hikari reached the wall then Yabu looked closer, now his face was an inch away from her…

“What if i’d be this much closer? And tend to kiss you?” his smile turned to a serious face…

Hikari’s eyes widen again with shock.

“Heheheh…” Yabu took stood up directly.” Don’t worry I’m not that kind’a guy…I’m not a maniac.” His looked that he want to apologize Hikari can see it in his eyes…

“Well, I gotta go…Bye, enjoy you day.” Yabu went by the door.”Oh, I almost forgot about the first thing this morning, I should make something for you so my conscience will be at peace.”Yabu smiled and turned the door knob.

YabuRun to the store and he bought the raw foods that he’s gonna need in cooking, then he rushed back to Hikari’s house…

“Sorry for waiting for so long… Today  i’m gonna cook your lunch..” He smiled he put the things on the table… and now he’s ready to cook…

~~This is the end of Part 1…~

It’s quite a long part. i’m just trying a new way…~~

~~This is blackmusica Logging – out~~~


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