╬♫My First Angel Ep.8 part 2♫╬

3 Feb

Hi, this is blackmusica… sorry for not updating for so long again…

this is the 2nd part of ep. 8…

╬♫My First Angel Ep. 8 part 2♫╬

‘So, he didn’t attend the class.’ Hikari thought.

After the long hours of class, the day is finally over, Hikari went to her new house and arranged it as she wanted it to be… Then the doorbell rang, Hikari throwed herself to the door and opened it.

“Hi, i’m Inoo…” Inoo smiled,”you must be Hikari. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you, too.” Hikari was amazed by Inoo’s charm, “Come in, I already arranged the house, err, hope you liked it.”

“It’s great…” He beamed a smile, “err, do you mind if you can show me the house? Like a tour or something?” Inoo looked at hikari.

“Let’s go.” Hikari is already on the second stage of the stairs. Inoo followed. After their rooms they went to the kitchen — the last spot they’re gonna go.

“Can I cook our dinner today?” Inoo asked.

“Yah, sure. Err, I’ll just get something in my room while you prepare the food, okay?”

Inoo nodded for respose and the he wore the apron, he Hikari suddenly remembered YAbu when he cooked lunch for her.


While Yabu is preparing their lunch Hikari watched him…

“Do you wanna eat me?”, Yabu raised one eyebrow,”stop staring,okay?”

“S-sorry, it’s just that I’ve never seen a guy prepare a food.”

Yabu continued preparing. Then after a few minutes he’s done.

“It’s done!” Yabu called…Hikari went to the kitchen fastly…

“I’m going to leave now…bye…” when Yabu was about to open the door Hikari called him…

“Hey, Yabu-sama… I think you should eat here, after all, you cooked this…”

[End Flashback]

“Hikari-chan? Are you alright?” Inoo asked, “you’re crying. Why?”

“Huh?What?” Hikari shed her tears and found out that it was true — she’s crying ‘Why’ she thought.

“I think you should go to your room and take a rest.”

“Okay, thanks Inoo-sama.”

“Call me if you want anything okay?” Inoo started to be a little worried for Hikari, he did’nt felt like that since his first girlfriend left him. But Hikari made him feel like that again, “Don’t cry again okay?”

“Sure.” Hikari smiled and went to her room.

{Inoo’s POV}

‘Why am I feeling this way? What’s with her eyes?’ he whispered to himself.

“It can’t be, I can’t fall for her. We just met a while ago… This is’nt right.” He joked.


The doorbell rang then Inoo answered it.

“Hi, goodevening.” Inoo greeted.

“Is Hikari home?” Yabu asked.

“Yah, she’s in her room, come-in.” He led Yabu to the Sofa, “Sit there, I’ll call her for you.” Inoo went upstairs and then when he came back to the living room he’s with Hikari. Yabu stood up.

“I just wanna know if you’re safe.”

“Well, I’m perfectly fine!” Hikari shouted, “What do you want?”

“Oh, you must be Yabu-sama. Manager Shoujo told me about you.” Inoo paused cause he felt a little jealous, “You wanna stay for dinner?”

“No, He’s living, right Yabu?!” Hikari argued.

“Hikari-chan, don’t be so harsh, he could stay. Yabu-sama, come with me in the kitchen and help me cook our dinner.” Inoo caught Yabu’s long arm and then they went in the kitchen.

{Hikari’s POV}

“What’s he doing?” Hikari whispered. She dialed Manager Shoujo and then she sat on the sofa. Finally manager shoujo picked up.

“Hello?” Manager shoujo greeted

“It’s me Hikari, err, I’ve got something to tell you.”

“Is it about Inoo?” Manager shoujo asked.

“No, It’s about Yabu and me.”

“Oh right Yabu called me yesterday and he told me the truth that you two are not really in a relationship. Don’t worry about it.”

“He? He told you?”

“Yah ofcourse my dear. Hikari, I gotta go, I’m in a meeting right now and it’s about your debut, it’ll be held this saturday. bye.” Manager hung up.

{End POV}

{Let’s see if Yabu and Inoo is doing great in the kitchen.}

Yabu and Inoo is having fun cooking when Hikari entered the Kitchen they’re already done.

“I’ll go home now, bye.” Yabu went by the kitchen’s door.

“Yabu-sama, why don’t you eat here. Besides you cooked this,too and you told me that it’s Hikari’s favorite.” Inoo pointed the ODEN. and then he caught Yabu’s long arm again and then he forced Yabu to sit beside Hikari, he took his camera and he took a picture of Yabu and Hikari togather then again he felt jealous. He removed his apron and then washed his hands.

“I’ll just gotta get something in my room. You two should eat now.” He smiled at hikari and yabu and then he went to his room.

“Hikari, you should eat now.” Yabu said while looking at his plate.

“Manager shoujo told me that…” Hikari didn’t finish her sentence because Yabu interupted her.

“I told her the truth so you won’t waste your time calling her.”

“Why?” Hikari asked, “Why are you doing this?”

“I just wanna make it up to you so I decided that I wont make it hard for you.” Yabu said while he hid his tears.

“But you’re making hard for me now, in here, in this kitchen.” Hikari whispered.

“Don’t worry, this is it. Tomorrow will be another day for you, trust me.”

{Inoo’s POV}

‘I hate this, I shouldn’t be feeling something for her. We just met a while ago!!! This isn’t true right?!!! KEI INOO!!! you’re so stupid you know!!!!’ He thought to himself and then he shed his tears. then he went back to the kitchen and then He found hikari’s alone now.

“Where’s Yabu?”

“He left. Why don’t eat now? Sit.” Hikari commanded and then Inoo obeyed it.

“Don’t ever let him enter this house again, okay?” Hikari cried. Inoo stood up and went beside her and then he hugged her.

“I’m sorry, okay? I told you to don’t ever cry again right? and then you said sure and now you’re breaking your promise.” Inoo smiled.

“I just can’t help it…SOrry.”

“It’s okay. I understand.” Inoo smiled.

It was such a silent night for Hikari.

…~End Ep. 8 part 2…~


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