╬♥my first angel season 2 ep.1♥╬

25 Mar


On the Phone…

“Hello?” I spoke through the line.

“Yes, how can i help you sir?”

“We need a maid. Someone who could be an assistant.”

“Wait a moment. I’ll look for some documents.”


“Here it is…”

I waited…

“She’s 16 years old and she promised to have a full-time job. She said that if you let her stay-in, she won’t let you pay for her service. Is that okay for you?”

“That’s what we need.”

“Okay sir, What’s your address.”

I gave their address and hung up.


your POV

“Sheesh, what a day.” I rested my bag on the sofa and checked the calendar to know when I’d be kicked out of my apartment. And I was shocked, “Oh my GOD! It’s tomorrow?!Why’s this happening to me?!”

Then the phone rang, I hurriedly picked it up.


“Hello miss ____________ Lin?” it was the agent from the job seeker.


“We finally found you a job. Here’s the address, you can start tomorrow if you want.” the girl gave me the address as I listed it down.

“Thank you. This is so important to me.” I smiled widely as if I was talking to her personally, “I’ll start tomorrow. I promise.”

‘This day is so great!!!’ I thought as I walked toward my kitchen and prepared my dinner.


the next day….



The doorbell rang…

“I’ll get it!” I shouted from the living room as I hurried to the gate.

“Oh, hi. Er? I think I got the wrong address…Sorry.” the nerd girl bit her lower lip for her mistake and her eyes were wide.

She was about to leave when I caught her wrist and turned her around to face me.

“You’re the maid that Calvin hired from the job seeker?”


“Come-in. We’re expecting you.” I smiled and stand back to let her in.

She silently followed me as I lead the way.

Once I entered I announced – more like shouted – , “Hey, GUYS!!! Here’s the maid.”



I got out of my room from the third floor of the house and went down the stairs. The others were there surrounding the girl.

Then I stopped at the site of her.

“YOU?!” my mouth fell open.

“Huh?” she was curious.

“You’re the girl who bumped on me. Don’t you remember?”

“Oh is that you last week?” her eyes were wide, “I’m sorry I didn’t know, someone was chasing me that day and I had to get away.”

“Enough excuses. That’s my favorite shirt, you know?!” I raised my eyebrow, “You should clean it NOW! I want it as good as new tomorrow.”

“What? I just got here.” she explained.

“Yeah, she’s right. Maybe she could do the laundry tomorrow.” Aaron prompted.

“No, she’ll only work for me starting today. So she’ll do as I say. She’s mine and no one should touch her. Understand?!” I made it clear, “now, for you. What’s your name?”

“_________ Lin.”

“okay, __________, clean this shirt up and then arrange my room upstairs for a massage. Oh, and one more thing, you’re my pet and you’ll call me Master.”

“Can’t I just call you ‘SIR’?”

“What did I told you?”

she let out a sigh, “Master.”

“Good, now start working.”



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