╬♥my first angel season 2 ep. 2♥╬

25 Mar


“My shirt is in the laundry room.” Calvin said.

I moved into the laundry room with my bags. The shirt was completely a mess. But he doesn’t need to be that rude. ‘phew’ I picked-up the polo and rested my bag by the corner.

I put some formula on it and threw it into the washing machine. It spun around and then stopped. It was good as new as I took it in my hands. It only took me 30 mins. to finish my task there.. I folded it once it’s dry, then I went upstairs and stopped.

“Oh my god.I forgot to ask where his room is.” I spoke to myself.

“It’s the room on the third floor on your left.” A soft voice said. I turned around and found out that it was Aaron.

“Thanks.” I smiled and went up to the third floor. My eyes widen and my jaw dropped, when I opened the door. He was halfway naked. he had his towel wrapped around his waist.

“What the heck are you doin’ here?!” he was angry, again.

“Y-you told me to arrange your room after I finished washing the shirt.” I explained keeping my eyes down.

“Well, didn’t anyone tell you to knock before you enter?!” he came towards me.

“I-I, I’m s-sorry…”

He stand back to make a way for me. I curiously looked at him.

“You arrange this room and give me a massage.”


“Well, do you want me to throw you out?!” he raised an eyebrow.

“I-I mean, right…” temper _______.

I arranged the room. I put some scented candles on the floor and threw some petals of rose, too.

“Finally.” he spoke as he got a remote. and pressed a button. The lights dimmed and the wide glass window darkened like it was a pure gray wall. He lie flat on his stomach on the bed. Then I started his massage.



Her hands were so soft on my back as it glided through my spine.

“Don’t stop until I fell asleep.” I mused.

I heard her whisper. ‘PHEW… WHAT!’

“You say something?!”

“No, I said…errr… nothing.” she shrugged.

“Good. After this you should go prepare some food for my snack later.”

“But you said that I wont stop this massage till you fell asleep so that means you’ll sleep this noon….- -”

“Are you questioning me?” I faced her.


“proceed.” I faced down again.


after 30 minutes…



I heard quiet breaths and found out that he fell asleep.

“YES!!!” I breathed. I slowly stood up and tip-toed my way out.

“Is he asleep?” Jiro suddenly appeared in front of me.


He smiled, “good, you should run to the kitchen. I mean, he always starve after his sleep.”

“Oh, yah. He told me to prepare him some snacks.” I got it now…

” ‘ll give you a tip. He likes junk foods for snacks and some japanese or western food for lunch or dinners. Got it?”

“Yeah,.I should go now.”

“Nawh, you should take it easy, He sleeps two hours every afternoon when we have no other things to do.”

“Thanks.” I smiled and fixed my eyeglasses.

“no prob…” He went into his room. As he closed his door I tip-toed again toward the stair case…I wasn’t sneaking around, I just don’t want anyone to be bothered by my presence again.

I nearly jumped of the sight of………………………………………………………


well, that’s all for tonight…

who could it be?



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