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╬♥my first angel season 2 ep. 5♥╬

27 Mar

“Hey, what are you doing in ________’s room?!” Jiro was in front of me…

“I- I think I fell asleep last night and she carried me into her room…???”

We headed into the kitchen where the others were….

“You should thank her, you know.” Chun said while drinking a glass of water.

“She’s a maid. It’s her duty.” I answered back.

“But it’s not necessary for her to sleep on the floor for you.” Chun insisted.

“You should thank her, bro. Well, I should be going now.” Aaron caught his bag…


“To school, duh…We have classes you know…”

“We’ll be going… You should get dressed Calvin.” Chun followed Aaron out with Jiro.

Okay, I’ll just leave a note.



Thanks for last night, you really din’t have to do that for me.

Here’s my number… ************

Wait for me in front of my school gate. Call me when you get there.. I want you to do something for me…

I want you to be there by exactly 12 o’clock… Don’t be late.




I got my phone and saved his number…and named it…. ‘bossy prince’

“I’ll better clean this super messy house…” I sighed.

I tidied first upstairs and then fixed the whole house… After 3 hours, the prince’s home is as good as new.

I took a bath and looked at the clock…

“OH MY GOD!!!” it’s already 11:50..What to do?!!!!



I looked at my watch and it’s 12:20

“GRRR! she’s gonna have it when she arrives.”

“”Oh my god!! I’m so sorry.” She shouted as she ran.

“I told you to be here 12 o’clock SHARP!!! For your punishment, you’ll clean the pool twice this SATURDAY!!!…”

“What?” Er.” I cleared my throat, “You told me that you want me to do something.”

“Oh, yes. I want you to enter my university and be my servant.”

“Isn’t that prohibited in schools?”

“Well, the guidance and the principal wont’ know if you won’t tell. And if in case you tell them, I would have to throw you out of the house.”

“FINE. When?”

“Today, that’s why i told you to be early.”

“But I have no money and I don’t have my requirements.”

“I’ll sign for a petition and you could enroll even without your requirements.” He lead the way, “Enough question, okay?”


╬♥my first angel season 2 ep. 4♥╬

25 Mar

“Oh, sure…Threaten me…” I huffed towards the kitchen.

“You say somethin?” Calvin shouted from the t.v room.



after less than an hour…



I picked up the bowl and the salsa and went to the T.V room.

“Just put it there on the table.”

I followed what he instructed, “anything else?”

“Yah, just sit there, on the couch behind you.” he didn’t remove his eyes on the T.V as he spoke.


“They went out so I have no one o be here with me. And I’m not used to watch alone.”

“Oookayyy…???” I was curious.

He started eating the tacos, “Not bad for a starter.” I thought I would see him smile for that but I failed. We continued to watch…


“It’s not polite to stare, you know.” then I found out that I was staring at him.

“I-I’m sorry. I was just confused…never mind. Just finish the tacos and I’ll start the dishes…”

He finished the three tacos after 10 seconds. Then I stood and picked up the bowl and the salsa.

“___________, don’t prepare some dinner, okay? They wont be arriving tonight. They told me that they’ll go to the S.H.E’s house…”

“Okay,er, is it okay if I feed myself?” I asked.

“Yah, sure. Do what you want.”


It’s already 9 when I got out of the kitchen.

I walked my way to my room when I glanced at the T.V room. Calvin fell asleep. ‘What am I going to do?! I can’t take him upstairs. It’d be a long flight.’

Then I decided to let him sleep on my bed… My bed is comfy and soft…I’ll just sleep on the floor.

One, Two… Three….!

I laid him on the bed and put a blanket over him. Then he suddenly caught my arm and smiled.

“Stay, okay?” he was dreaming.

His smile didn’t disappeared. I got my phone and took a picture of him. His face was so calm and beautiful like a child. Then he turn to the other side and his smile disappeared.

“You’re cute but so RUDE…But then I think I can try to understand you.” I whispered.

The night was deep and I fell asleep on my comforter on the floor.


The next day…



I woke up six in the morning and was alarmed by the scent of this room. It was so fragrant…I didn’t mean that my room smells like fish but this scent is different. Then I remembered, I smelled this scent before. This was ________’s perfume. I got up and saw ___________ sleeping on a comforter. Then I slowly jumped out of the bed and tip-toed my way out.

“Hey, what are you doing in ________’s room?!” Jiro was in front of me…


well, that’s all for this chapter…