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25 Mar


I nearly jumped at the sight of a cockroach.. it’s a good thing that I pressed my mouth silent before I go screaming.


at the kitchen…


I prepared some tacos together with some salsa…

“That smells good.” Aaron entered the room.

I smiled for response…

“Hey, are you okay with Calvin?” he sat on a chair.

“Yes, I think I can try to understand him.” I smiled.


” Er, do you know where my room is?”

“Yeah, it’s over there.” he pointed at the last room that was facing the stairs.

“Thanks, do you mind if I…?”

“I don’t mind… You should go…”

I got my bag and carried it into the last room. Arranging my suite took me only 30 minutes. It was so neat, I don’t have to dust it up.

“Where the heck is my maid?!” and the seniorito is awake…

“I have a a name you know.” I picked out from my room.

“What ever, where’s my food?”

“It’s in the kitchen.”

“Show IT to me.” he said as he pointed the way.

I forced a smile and reminded myself as I walked my way that this is my first day here and I don’t want to get in trouble. Then a loud gasp came out from my mouth.

“It-it was right here…” the bowl was empty. Then a white cat appeared, “This cat ate IT!”

“Was it TACOS?”


“Snow love TACOS!!! and I love it too, so you better make me another bowl.” the cat run up to him and he cuddled it with his arms.


“Go and prepare my snack or you’re gonna get kicked out.” he threatened and went to the other room and watched some T.V.


next time i’ll post longer post than this…:)