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30 Dec


~Blackmusica’s daily post for 12/29, 30, 31/09 and 01/01/10

Sorry for not posting another chapter yesterday 12/29/09  and today 12/30/09, i had this so called ‘stomach flu’…. grrr, it bugs me!!!

I won’t be posting another tomorrow 12/31/09 and the other day 01/01/10… it’s new year,okay? i’ll relax a bit…

01/02/10 – 2:52 pm

Happy New Year everybody!!!

I changed my hairstyle then i got some tips on my hair… thanks to Louie

I finished the korean drama –You’re beautiful’ … – this drama moved me, so watch it okay?

My Resolution this new year is to be myself… and i would continue writing stories, i promise…

“Ja matta-ne~”