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╬♫My First Angel EP. 10 part 1♫╬

10 Mar

~hey, guys… sorry it took so long for me to post another EPISODE…

~BTW, i just want to inform you, if I post the Ep. of  “sakura and yuuri”, It’s just their POV okay?

~~this episode is the continuation of Ep. 8…

~~well here it is…

╬♫My First Angel Ep.10 part 1♫╬

It’s thursday…

Hikari went to school late again, but this time It’s because of Inoo, he transferred there just a day ago so he should first go to the office of the principal. There, he got his room number and his class schedule. They went outside.

“Inoo-chan, I’ll pick you up by lunch in your class, okay? We’ll eat together… Goodluck!!!~” Hikari smiled and walked away while Inoo’s still there stunned by hikari’s presence, when Hikari reached her turn, Inoo finally walked to his class.

Hikari reached her room and she found everybody on their proper seats. She was shocked when a male voice called her attention.

“Miss, Utau!” Hikari turned around as soon as she heard her name.

“G-G-Goodmorning P-Professor Nakajima.”

“Take your seat already… You’re interrupting the discussion.”

“H-Hai!!!” she blushed and hurried onto her seat. She found Yabu sitting at the back with Yamada and Yuuri near him, they were talking and laughing. The class is finished and the bell rang for lunch. The classroom is now empty but there’s one left and it’s Yabu. He was quiet.

“Y-Yabu…” Hikari broke the silence. But yabu didn’t responded. Hikari sighed and went outside, as she was walking on the corridor, she bumped onto someone.

“Sorry,” she said with a tired voice.

“It’s okay Hikari,” A familiar voice said. Hikari looked up to see who it was.

“Inoo-chan, I told you that I would pick you up right?”

“It’s okay, I’m the guy so I should be the one to pick you up. Lets go?” He asked Hikari’s hand, a bridal style one. Hikari put her right arm through Inoo’s. Then, they went to the cafeteria. They sat across each other.

“Hikari, I’m gonna pick you up after class. Wait for me, okay?” Inoo said before he took his final bite. After eating lunch, they both went back to their rooms.

Hikari met Yabu on her way in.

“H-hello.” Hikari greeted. But Yabu didn’t respond, he just looked away, feeling unease. He continued to walk out.

“So, the old Yabu is back…” Hikari shouted.

Yabu looked back but he didn’t say a word. he looked down then he continued to walk, he was so sad that time. He wanted to talk to Hikari but he promised her that he won’t make it hard for her…

~~Sorry this part is short…

~~hey guys i’m planning to just narrate this F.fiction to make it short because I’m thinking to do another fic. … and i’m sure that it’d be better than this…


╬♫My First Angel Ep. 9 part 1♫╬

7 Feb


It’s Wednesday Hikari went to school early, same goes to the others except Yabu…

“Ohayou!” Hikari greeted when she enters the room.

“Hikari…” Yuuri run towards her, “Have you seen Yabu and Ya-chan?”

“No, why?”

“Ah~ nothing, it’s just not right…”

“Not right?” Hikari was curious…

“Yah,” Yuuri confirmed, “Bye, I gotta ask Shida-sensei.” he ran outside as Hikari followed him.

“Wait! yuuri, I’ll go ask her, just wait here okay?” he stopped running as she shouted. He went back to the room and sat. Hikari run to Shida-sensei’s room.

~My First Angel ep.9 part1

 “Yuuri, what’s the problem?” Sakura came beside yuuri.

“Nothing, I just missed my friends, they’ve been busy these past few weeks and they lost time for me.” Yuuri glanced at Sakura and their eyes met.

“Would you come with me?” Sakura stood up and pulled Yuuri’s hand. They went down the building.

“Where are we going?” Yuuri asked.

“We’re gonna eat ice cream. My treat.” Sakura smiled cheerfully at Yuuri. When they reach the ice cream park of their school, Sakura let Yuuri sat down and she run towards the ice cream vendor to buy ice creams.


‘She’s so nice and I’m comfortable when I’m with her.’ he smiled to the thought.

‘Could she be the one?’

‘The one i’ll live my life for?’

‘heh, I’m still a highschool student but why am I feeling this way? I feel i should protect her.’

‘I feel that I need her.’

‘and whenever I think of her… I become happy.’

‘I wonder if I should ask her out.’


Sakura sat beside Yuuri and handed him his ice cream, “Here.”

“Thanks…” Yuuri responded.

“You’re welcome.”

“Err, Sakura can I ask you something?”

“Yah. sure anything…”

“Can I ask you out?”


“If possible, we could have dinner tonight.”


“I would pick you up by 7:00.”


“It’s a date then.” Yuuri smiled angelicly at Sakura.

“D-Date? But it’s a friendly date ,right?”

Yuuri suddenly stopped, “Err?”

“Sure, I’ll go.”

“Okay,” Yuuri’s face looked disappointed.

“Lets go, our class would start in any minute now.” Sakura reminded Yuuri… He stood up together with Sakura.

They finally reached the classroom. Mr. Nakajima entered the class. The students became to ask why is Mr. Nakajima there and not Ms. Shida?

“Good morning class, Shida-sensei won’t be able to meet you today.” Mr. Nakajima explained to the class.

Sakura started to find Hikari. Yuuri begin to wonder why Hikari is not yet there then he accidentally found himself starring at Sakura.

“Yuuri? Is there anything wrong?” Sakura asked.

“N-nothing…” Yuuri blushed as well as Sakura.


‘Why am I starring at her?’ he thought to himself.


Then Hikari made it in.

“Ohayou!” She greeted as she enters the class with Mr. Nakajima, “Sorry, i’m late, I just asked shida-sensei if there’s something wrong with Yamada-chan, and she told me that he got some important things to finish.” Hikari sat on her proper seat.

“Hikari, where’d you go?” Sakura whispered from the back of Hikari’s seat. Hikari didn’t responded. It’s like she’s thinking of something. Sakura relaxed her back on the chair and sighed.

“Why?” Yuuri worriedly asked.

“Hikari’s sad adn I don’t know what is it that bothers her.” Sakura looked sad and yet worried.

“I’m sure she’ll tell her problem to you soon when she can.” Yuuri cheered Sakura with a smile.

The day was so fast. Nothing happened much; just lessons, eating lunch, more lessons and then it’s the end of the class’ hours.

“Sakura, I’ll pick you up by 7:00 okay?” Yuuri reminded Sakura before Sakura could get out of the room.

“Okay,” she smiled.

“Good then. Take care, okay?” Yuuri sweetly cared for her.

“I’ll be careful. Bye.” Sakura went home.

{Yuuri’s POV}

“I’ll tell her the truth tonight.”


~~It’s already 7:00

=peep, peep= Yuuri peeped outside of Sakura’s house.

Sakura went outside with a very beautiful dress.

Yuuri came out of his car and led Sakura to the passenger’s seat.

“You look gorgeous.” Yuuri pointed out.

“Thanks.” Yuuri opened the door.

{YUURI’s Car}

They reached the place. Yuuri stopped the car and then he led Sakura to a beautiful garden. There’s a table for two in the middle of it and the garden was full of beautiful flowers.

“It’s beautiful.” Sakura was amazed.

“Thanks. Lets sit.” Yuuri invited and let Sakura sit down and then he sit across her.

“Are you practicing?”

“For what?”

“For courting someone.”

“This is not a practice, err. Wait here.” he went to a room.

He went out with a bouquet of roses. Then he gave it to Sakura.

“For me???” Sakura asked and then she accept the flowers.

Yuuri sat down to his seat and looked at Sakura.

“I’ve got something to tell you.”

“What?” Sakura asked.

“I think I….like you…” Yuuri confessed.

“I’m sorry. But you shouldn’t. You know…. you’re kind and I fell very secured when I’m with you. but you can’t like me.” Sakura’s tears rolled down, “I’m not feeling well, I want to go home.” Sakura stood up and then yuuri followed her… It was such a silent ride home. Finally Sakura reached home and then Yuuri drove away.


“My heart is slowing down. Why do i feel this way! darn it!” He cried as he shouted.



“Mom!” Sakura yelled.

Her mother came out and caught her on her arms and her mom let her sat down on the sofa.

“Mom, it’s attacking me again.”

“I’ll call your doctor and get him here.” her mom dialed Sakura’s doctor.

A little later the doctor arrived and Sakura’s condition became stable.


“Mrs. Kei, I’m so sorry to tell that your daughter’s condition is getting worse, you should bring her to america cause they can prolong your daughter’s life.”

“Is there any other way?”

“I’m sorry but there’s none.” the doctor sighed.


the doctor turned to Sakura who is lying on her bed.

“Sakura, I’ll go ahead, okay? get well.” The doctor went out of the room and Mrs. Kei sat on the edge of her bed.

“Sakura. We should go to america and take a break.” Her mom suggested.

“But mom…-“

“No buts okay? We’ll ride tomorrow afternoon.”


~~~end ep.9 part 1