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╬♫My First Angel {Episode 1 part 2}♫╬

7 Nov

   ~~  Yabu Kota — is not so famous at that time, he’s a super moody guy, he don’t talk too much…~~

” Uh-Oh, I’m so very sorry.” Hikari apologized

” Whatever…” Yabu irritedly said…

Hikari was shocked on what Yabu said she couldn’t even lift her head up,  her eyes widen… Yabu continued to walk and just passed at her. When Yabu is gone, Sakura tapped Hikari’s shoulder.

” Hey, What did you do? I’m sure the School Director will know what heppened.” Sakura worriedly said.

” I didn’t do anything.” Hikari responded with a low voice.

 Someone’s voice entered their conversation… ” Don’t mind him, he’s always like that.” a cute boy finished rushing upstairs — he’s cute, white, his hair is so beautiful, his lips were thin and his eyes were dark.

” By the way I’m Chinen Yuuri, Hajimemashite.”

” Hajimemashite! Kawaii!!!” Sakura’s eyes glowed.

Yuuri gigled… ” I’m Yabu’s friend, I’m very sorry for what he did, I am willing to apologize for him, he’s always like that when he meet new faces…” He smiled like an angel ” I’ll go now see you later…”

The bell rang, Hikari is still shocked…

In their homeroom, They’re all present…Mr. Nakajima entered the room together with another two boys…

” Goodmorning class, this boys here are your new classmates.Here at my left is Chinen Yuuri and here at my right is Ryosuke Yamada.”

” OHAYOU!!! oooohhhh!!! Kawaii!!!.”YAMADA went to sit beside Hikari…

” I want to sit here, I want to sit here!!!! We’ll be great friends.” Yamada excitedly said

” Sir, grant it please, he’ll cry like a terrible baby if you’ll reject it,” Yuuri smiled, his smile makes the girls weak

” Okay, then Yamada, you’ll sit beside her…” Mr. Nakajima awkardly said.

” I’ll take the seat behind him, ” Yuuri took his seat next to Sakura.

” Okay, the class is now in session.” Nakajima sensei started the class.

The afternoon is like a blink away, it’s now time to work. Hikari went to the bar, her duty there is the cashier.

 Someone entered the resturant then he went to sit at the mini bar.

” One shot please.” the man’s voice is like he’s already drunk

” Sir, You’re already drunk,” Hikari worriedly said.

The boy looked closer to Hikari,” I said one shot right?!” when he was one inch closer from Hikari…She noticed that it was Yabu.

” Do you have a problem sir or something that you wanna drown yourself? You can talk to me if you want just don’t drink much okay?”Hikari offered

” Do I know you?” Yabu is so drunk so he didn’t notice that it was Hikari.

” No, sir.”

” Okay, I’ll talk it to you.”

” Sir, It’s my shift.”

” C’mon. I’ll talk to you manager.”

 He hurried to the office of the manager. Then when they finished talking, He grabbed Hikari’s hand and they went outside to the park. They talked about everything, the reason why Yabu is drinking it’s because of his parent is always busy and when they’re all at home, his parents always fight… Hikari felt sorry for Yabu’s situation. It made her stare at Yabu while Yabu felt asleep. She searched for Yabu’s cellphone. She dialed the number of the ↔Driver↔. She told the driver to pick up Yabu at that park. After she talked to the driver, when she was about to leave, Yabu held her hand and said thanks… Hikari told Yabu that it’s fine.



╬♫My First Angel {Episode 1 Part 1}♫╬

7 Nov


Hi everyone, goodmorning this is denise -A-K-A- BlackMusica, this is the first part of episode one,  at first it’ll look like it’s nothing important but that’s how every story goes it’ll be nothing at first but while the story goes somethings will be revealed……

I’m just inventing this story now, so forgive me if something go wrong because I had no complete plan for it, so here it is…

╬♫My First Angel♫╬

Episode 1 part 1

     The classes are now  in session but Hikari is still late as always,  she’s still biking for school, when she reach their school there’s no one walking around they are now all busy in their own classes.

     “Awwhh…Still late!!!!”, She sighed…

     She went to their classroom, she tiptoed her way to her seat but before she reach her seat…

“Hikari Utau!!! Goodmorning…” Ms. Shida Said

“G-g-goodmorning Shida-Sensei” she nervously said

“Take your seat.”


     Her teacher smiled at her she was so relieved that their first teacher is Ms. Shida — Ms. Shida is the kindest teacher in their school, she’s gorgeous and as they say she’s still single inspite of all of her good atittudes…Hikari is close to Ms. Shida I don’t know why,but their like bestfriends…

     The Classbell rang for recess, Sakura went to Hikari and ask her to join her — Hikaru Sakura is Hikari’s BFF, they always stick together and never turn backs from each other…

” Hey, Hikari I heard that there are new students here the one is on his Fourth year and the other two is on their Third year, the Fourth year is the son of the director and the other two is his friends…” Sakura opened that topic while walking.

” I surely have no time to meet them,” hikari  uninterestedly said.

” Oh right i forgot you’re so busy doing your job in the evening and to study at morning, are you sure you don’t need my help?”

” Definately, why?”, hikari curiusedly asked.

” I wanna go out off my house sometime it’s so boring there.”,

” Maybe I can ask the manager.”,

” Yay! Thank you.”, Sakura cheered

” Hey, I said maybe.”,

” Yah but anyway thank you.”,

Hikari turned to Sakura and walk backwards, then she started to run,”Catch me if you can.”,Hikari Laughed.

“Awwhh, I’m always the one to catch, you should take your turn, it’s unfair..”

” Hehe, If you catch me…”, Hikari fastly run accidentally she hit someone.She looked at the guy. They were all shocked…She saw Yabu Kota…

{end part one}