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╬♫My First Angel EP.4 Part 2♫╬

29 Nov

~~ Today, I didn’t follow my plans. I planned to make the scrapbook that our teacher told us to do, and I planned to do our report in MAPeH, but there goes my plan ruined by the “NEW MOON” book – I spent my whole day to read it, I mean it this time… I was irrevocably obsessed to it…~~

~~I am now listening to Jesse McCartney’s “Because you live“~~

~~ Pia! I’m not sure I can make it tomorrow, due to my plans. I’m sorry. I really am…~~

~~This is the other half on the EP.4… ENJOY!!!~~

╬♫My First Angel EP.4 Part 2♫╬

When the man who was running finally made it. He was shocked.

“What are you two doing?”, a calm familiar voice whispered.

“What do you care?!What do you want! C’mon! We’re having fun here, why don’t you just go away?!”, The tall man faced the guy… Hikari saw the guy and it was Yabu, her eyes widen.

“Well, you know what, that girl’s mine, if you don’t mind this is my territory.” ,he said still with that calm cold voice.

“Oh, really!”, the tall guy walked toward Yabu. but Yabu is standing like a statue, he didn’t even moved when the tall guy was about to hit him, Hikari closed her eyes and then when she noticed that Yabu didn’t fell down, she opened her eyes with relief and then she was shocked when she saw Yabu held the clenched hand of the tall guy being bent as the guy fell down on his knees. The short guy run away, and then Yabu warned the guy who’s on his knees… “Don’t ever dare to enter my territory! Or i’ll kill you!”, Yabu let the man go…And then when Hikari was about to thank him. He pushed Hikari to the tree and stared at her eyes with half anger and half annoyed.

He shook his head,” You’re unbelievable, it’s a good thing that I own this place well not that meaning of OWN,” he paused, “Do you know that this place is the best place that a molester can attack?,” he paused again and then he sighed,”You’re so annoying as ever!Go home now okay and take bath so you’ll be more comfortable,” he sounded as if he was like my dad or something.

“Okay,” I looked down as I walk.

“Hikari,be safe,” his voice turned to somewhat polite and then it changed as he continued,”I don’t want you to annoy someone like what you always do to me. And I’m not worried about you okay! Just to make it clear!!!”

Hikari just nodded and then went back home.

When she reached home, she cooked dinner. After washing the dishes, she took a bath and then go to sleep.


~>Hey everybody! I’m so sorry that this part is so short, I’m running out of ideas in this Part… But the next EPISODE will be more exciting… Watch out for those new characters..<~


╬♫My First Angel EP. 4 Part1♫╬

24 Nov

~~ Good Evening…This is denise – AKA – BLACKMUSICA Signing-in for another Episode ~~

~~ I’m listening to “My everything” by Yabu Kota…~~

~~ This afternoon…after class hours… I auditioned in Gintong Himig (It’s a school club for choirs), I just wanted to play the piano but the trainor told me to join the singing of the choir(Please forgive me if my grammar is not that good)… Pia, Congratulations!!!~~

~~ This is another Episode of “My First Angel” ~~

~~ I know you notice that the title don’t seem to fit the topic of the story..But dom’t worry soon you’ll know the connection of it…~~

╬♫My First Angel Ep.4 Part 1♫╬

Today, for the FIRST time. Hikari was early… She was the first one to come to school. After a minute someone opened the door, It was the school guard…

“What are you doing here?”, he asked.

“I am a student here sir…Why?”, Hikari answered.

“You have no classes today and students are not allowed to enter this school when there are no classes.”, the security guard confirmed.

(Hahah!!!, poor Hikari…!!!~)

So Hikari went home. She watched some TV Programs and then surfed the internet. Later she decided to take a walk… She went to the park – where they always go when her parents are still alive;…

She thought about the things that happened this week, she sighed, “I am very stressed and very annoyed about that Yabu Kota!!!~”

She looked down as she fell asleep, after a few minutes her head fell then someone caught her and it made her jump up. Then she looked at the one who caught her head, she was surprised to see Yamada.

“What are you doing here?”, Hikari asked.

“I was just walking by and then I saw you sleeping while sitting then your head was about to fall, good thing that I sat beside you before it does…”, Yamada smiled and giggled…

“What?!?!?~”, She said annoyed.

“It’s just that I never seen you sleep before… I mean you’re so cute when you’re asleep.” he looked at me while she blushed.

“Oh uhm, can I ask you a single question?”

“Yah, sure anything.” she nodded

“Does Shida sensei had a husband?”

“I doubt it…” she smiled

Then he stood up and he smiled widely, I bet he’s very very happy.

“BYE!BYE!, See you at school…!!!” He run away… Then he looked back, oh, and thanks about the info…~~~”he continued to run.

“That boy is such a childminded, but very positive.” she smiled and then she went back home…

On her way home she noticed that someone is following her, she looked back but she failed to see any figure. She continued to walk, she then noticed that she wasn’t alone…

“I know you’re there! Show yourself!” the words came out of her mouth highly.

Someone showed and then another appeared on the other side of her. She was surrounded by the two man who looked like a molester…

” Stay away from me! I’m warning you!!!”

But the two came walking towards her.

“Stay away from ME!!!” she cried loudly. The two man ignored her.

“Why don’t you come join us, we just wanted to play.” The tall man smiled.

Then Hikari heard someone is coming, running to their direction, her tears fell as her heart beats faster and faster every second, she wanted to scream but she couldn’t.