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♫╬My First Angel Ep. 7 part 2♫╬

23 Jan

~sorry for waiting so long for this part…

~PUBLISH!!! – Hi Julie, Hi Dreii (Nanay ko? haha), Hi ge!(Si Kim oh… hahah…), hi Katherine… musta nmn yung practice kanina… haha.. PRACTICE nga ba?

╬♫My First Angel Ep. 7 part2♫╬

Manager Rei’s phone suddenly rang…

“Hello?” She greeted as she picked it up… The conversation was full of okay, yah sure, okay… then she hung up.

“Hikari, Yabu… I gotta go. I have important things to do… The studio manager called me, the studio that you’re going to use on your debut. Is it okay if I let only the two of you explore the house?”

“Yah, no prob. with me…” Yabu shrugged.

“Thanks, gotta go bye.!!!” Manager Rei Waved goodbye as she went in to her car, and then she drove off…

“She’s a really busy person…” Yabu looked at the house, “Let’s go…” He went in the house as Hikari followed him, while exploring Hikari kept herself shut and just followed behind him. He entered the last room which will be Hikari’s. She didn’t notice that it was a little elevated so she suddenly fell but Yabu prevented it, he’s now hugging me.

“Hey, it’s okay to let me go now.” Hikari’s eyed widen when Yabu didn’t obeyed her, “Hey!I said it’s okay to…” Yabu interrupted her.

“Can we just stay like this? just for a few seconds…” Yabu closed his eyes and tried to remember the girl that he hugged that night, when he ran from home…


A girl was crying behind a tree. Yabu run towards the direction of the girl.

“Hey, why are you crying?” Yabu asked. then the girl looked up and her eyes was so kind and beautiful, Yabu felt a little different… His heart thudded louder.

“They…. They’re gone!” the girl cried so hard and then Yabu knelted and hugged her, ” it’ll be okay soon… It’ll be okay…stop crying now…I’ll always protect you” they rested under the big tree and then the girl fell asleep on Yabu’s shoulder…

After two weeks, Hikari always wait for that boy to come again… But she failed to see him. then the day came that Yabu will go to America to study… Unfortunately the plane crashed only Yabu and his father survived… His mother died that day in the plane crash… He cried so much because he loved his mother more than anything. His mother is so kind to him and she always makes yabu smile… That day Yabu’s character changed, he became mad, his happy life became so sad, he don’t smile at anyone even to his friends…

~[end flashback]~

Yabu opened his eyes and then he found out that it was the same feeling… the girl that he hugged that night and the girl that he’s hugging now is the same… Hikari suddenly pushed him.

“What’s the matter with you?!” Hikari irritatedly said. and she walked downstairs… Yabu caught up with her. and then he grabbed Hikari’s arm.


“What do you want!” Hikari turned.

“Let’s sit…” they sat on the black sofa.

“What!!!” Hikari shouted, “TALK!!!!!”

“It’s you, right?”

“What are you saying?”

“The girl who cried under the big tree when her parents died?”

“How did you know about that?”

“Don’t you remember the boy?”

“He never showed up after that night, so it’s not so important to me.” Hikari’s tear rolled down, “He told me that he’ll protect me!” Hikari cried harder.

” it’ll be okay soon… It’ll be okay…stop crying now…I’ll always protect you” Yabu reminded her and then he hugged her again like he hugged the girl.

“It’s you?!” hikari voice broke as she pushed Yabu away.


” i HATE you!” she angrily said.

“I’m sorry.”

“I’ts not enough!!!” she stood up and walked away but before she went out of the door, she looked back.

“I’ll tell manager Rei that truth! Goodbye.” she said weakly, the she walked through the door.

{Yabu’s POV}

Yabu’s stood up and went out, Hikari is not there anymore, then he called manager Rei, “hello?” he said weakly.

“Yabu! is the house okay?”

“Yah but i’ve got something to say…”

“go on…”

“It’s not true that Hikari and I are getting married.I’m not her fiance.”

“I know.”


“Because you’re not sweet to each other,.” SHe gigled.

“Are you mad?” He asked.

“No… Yabu, Err… I gotta go… I’m with Inoo now.”

“Okay, bye.” He hung up.

{End Yabu’s POV}

{at Hikari’s house}

Hikari went to the tree and she sat there. She looked at the stars…

“He showed up,” Hikari’s tears fell down.

That night, Yabu went to Hikari’s house and he hid behind the plants and he watched Hikari under the tree, he cried too…

“I’m sorry…” he whispered.

When Hikari fell asleep, Yabu went inside hikari’s house and he got some blanket and he put it on hikari.

Then he went back behind the plants and then he slept there. His tears didn’t stop from running down to his cheeks.

~Well that’s it… EP. 7 Part 2… hope you enjoyed it…~


╬♫My First Angel Ep. 7 part 1♫╬

11 Jan


~we have had our practi com. in MAPEH this monday, it’s not that good but we got 85… well, we had fun but sometimes you can’t control the wether, hmp! it’s so hot today, i can feel my sweat running on my forehead, it was so annoying!

~Periodical test! It made my brain bleed.

~Special mention to Lovely Melanie Susi – uy , bakit di ka pumasok nung monday, wala ka tuloy practi. com., sayang… grade din yun…   *Yun lang heheh…

~SA mga kagroup ko nga pla, hi… good job! Di tayo babagsak! hahah…

~III-Pink – goodluck sa GRADES natin!!!,

~~> My Motto for this year…:

     Listen to the discussions,

So you’ll understand the lesson…

= sorry… kahit hindi tugma-tugma, ayos na yan basta may motto…

~> here’s my story update.

╬♫My First Angel Ep.7 part 1♫╬

Hikari, went to the place where the manager Rei Shoujo told her to go, who went to Hikari’s house yesterday.

Hikari arrived, she went out of the car, she was so shocked that Yabu’s there talking to Rei Shoujo. As she went out of the car, Rei Shoujo went by her side.

“Hikari, this is your new house.” She pointed at the white big house, i think it’s newly built.

“Wait, you didn’t tell me that you’ll do this…” hikari sighed.

“Well, that’s because you always interrupt me when i’m still talking and explaining everything.”

“Ooooppps, sorry, but i think you could have told me about this before letting me go here.”

“Okay, okay,” she lead me forward so i can get to look at the house closer, “but it’s great right?”

“Yah,” Hikari agreed as she walked forward beside Miss Rei Shoujo, “Err, Miss Shoujo…”

“Just call me Manager Rei, i’m used to it.” Miss Shoujo interrupted.

“Okay,” Hikari paused, “Manager Rei, do you think I’ll be a hit?”

“Yah, with Yabu here as you partner… It’ll be great because you two are natural. And Miyaki told me that you are a good singer,” she gigled, “she heard you once and then she recorded it, your voice was nice.”

“Thanks,” Hikari shyly smiled.

“You and Yabu will be a hit, you’re going to sing with each other in your debut.”

“Whoa, wait, did you just said Yabu will sing with me?”

“Yah, he had a great voice, I have planned this already, you’ll be debuting next week.”

“I didn’t know, you can sing.” hikari faced Yabu.

“Well, You two will going to be accompanied by Inoo Kei, he’s a new member of my recording company, too, so you and inoo will debut together…”

“Who’s Inoo?” Hikari curiously looked at manager Rei.

“You’ll meet him this week, probably, this saturday, so you can rehearse,” she looked at the house – my new house; maybe let’s call it a mansion, “I think, we should go explore your new home.”

“Hai!” hikari agreed, then looked at Yabu, “why are you still here?”

“I’m your fiance,” Yabu stared into hikari’s eyes.

“Well, I suggest that you should take it back.” Hikari pouted (CUTE!), “Manager Rei, Yabu wants to tell you something.”

Manager Rei fastly looked back, “what’s that you’re gonna say.”

“Err,” Yabu paused, “Well, I think this house is great.”

*”What?!!!”* hikari shouted in her head.

“You think so?” Manager Rei paused, “Well, that’s a relief, because you’re gonna live here with your fiance, and with Kei Inoo, too, i haven’t found a house for him yet.”  Now hikari’s eyes widen when she said that TWO BOYS will live here with her…

“That’s great,” Yabu smiled angelicly, then he looked at hikariwith such eyes that she can’t describe – it was so breathtaking.

~Done with Part 1 of EP. 7.