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╬♫My First Angel Ep. 5 part 2♫╬

17 Dec

~goodmorning, this is blackmusica…this chapter will be sooo long because I want to pay the days that I hadn’t updated…

╬♫My First Angel ep. 5 part 2♫╬

While Yabu is preparing their lunch Hikari watched him…

“Do you wanna eat me?”, Yabu raised one eyebrow,”stop staring,okay?”

“S-sorry, it’s just that I’ve never seen a guy prepare a food.”

Yabu continued preparing. Then after a few minutes he’s done.

“It’s done!” Yabu called…Hikari went to the kitchen fastly…

“I’m going to leave now…bye…” when Yabu was about to open the door Hikari called him…

“Hey, Yabu-sama… I think you should eat here, after all, you cooked this…”

Yabu turned and then headed to the kitchen, then, he sat down… Hikari prepared the table… and then when it’s already set, they begun to eat.

After 10 minutes they were finished… Yabu headed toward the bowl to wash the dishes but he know that he don’t know how to, he stopped and turned around and face Hikari…

“You can’t wash dishes, right…?” Hikari smiled, “just leave it there…”

“I’m leaving.” Yabu went toward the door and open it, this time he finally went outside…

Yabu was at his favorite place again… there he reminice the memories of his mom…

“Mom, i wish you were here to guide me.” Yabu whispered in his head.

The next day… Hikari wasn’t late anymore and hopefully she’s the second one to arrive.

“Ohayou!” Hikari greeted when she arrive in their room.

“Looks like, you’re early today…” Yabu stood up from the window side. Hikari put her bag down.

“Well, i decided to wake up early because, today must be a good day…” Hikari streched and then she sat.

After a few minutes the others arrived and then Ms. Shida started her easy lesson, but Hikari noticed that Ms. Shida is quite restless.

It’s finally breaktime. Hikari went to Ms. Shida’s faculty room. She knocked on the door.

“Come-in, it’s open…” Ms. Shida approved.

Hikari came inside and sat on the chair infront of Ms. Shida.

“So, do you have any problems or questions?” Ms. Shida asked…

“Well, i noticed that you’re having quite a hard time this morning in our class, is there something wrong Shida-sensei?”

“I-I-It’s just… nothing…. nothing’s wrong with me…. i’m f-fine…” it’s obvious that she’s nervous.

“You can’t hide anything from me… i can say that there’s something wrong because i always pay much attention on you… you’re quite different this day… you look like you’re hiding something, as if someone asked you a horrible question…”

“I’ll tell the whole story to you… Meet me after lunch… Okay?”

“Hai, Shida-sensei… i’ll be off now… bye.” Hikari yanked the door open and when she’s finally outside, she met Yamada on her way back to their room, it’s like Yamada’s having a little hard time, too…

Hikari asked Yuuri when she arrived in their room.

“Hey, Yuuri? can i ask you a question?”

“Sure, anything…” He smiled so gorgeously and his voice was so angelic. Sakura went to stand by Hikari’s side.

“Ohayou! Is, there anything wrong?”

“Yah… Uhm… Yuuri, is there anything wrong with Yamada?”

I’m not quite sure, but i noticed his face was very pale… he looks like he had his heartbroken by someone special…” Yuuri Shrugged.

“Okay, thanks…” Hikari went outside with sakura…

“Hey, Hikari, is there anything wrong?”

“Yah, i think so, Shida-sensei is quite restless this morning in our class,” Hikari whispered

“Maybe, Yamada knows Shida-sensei’s problem, but what could it be?”I suspected as i looked at Sakura…

“Do you know what to do?”

“YAH!!! Let’s go…”

Hikari and Sakura went inside and they told Yuuri that they wont make it to their other class, they’re sick too like Yamada…

“B-B-but, I don’t wanna be stuck here with yabu!!!!”

“Hehe… Ja-mata ne~!” Hikari And Sakura waved goodbye to yuuri…

~~~~~~Hehe, find out what are they up to, in the next Episode….~~~~~~

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date today: ~12/24/09~


╬♫My First Angel EP. 4 Part1♫╬

24 Nov

~~ Good Evening…This is denise – AKA – BLACKMUSICA Signing-in for another Episode ~~

~~ I’m listening to “My everything” by Yabu Kota…~~

~~ This afternoon…after class hours… I auditioned in Gintong Himig (It’s a school club for choirs), I just wanted to play the piano but the trainor told me to join the singing of the choir(Please forgive me if my grammar is not that good)… Pia, Congratulations!!!~~

~~ This is another Episode of “My First Angel” ~~

~~ I know you notice that the title don’t seem to fit the topic of the story..But dom’t worry soon you’ll know the connection of it…~~

╬♫My First Angel Ep.4 Part 1♫╬

Today, for the FIRST time. Hikari was early… She was the first one to come to school. After a minute someone opened the door, It was the school guard…

“What are you doing here?”, he asked.

“I am a student here sir…Why?”, Hikari answered.

“You have no classes today and students are not allowed to enter this school when there are no classes.”, the security guard confirmed.

(Hahah!!!, poor Hikari…!!!~)

So Hikari went home. She watched some TV Programs and then surfed the internet. Later she decided to take a walk… She went to the park – where they always go when her parents are still alive;…

She thought about the things that happened this week, she sighed, “I am very stressed and very annoyed about that Yabu Kota!!!~”

She looked down as she fell asleep, after a few minutes her head fell then someone caught her and it made her jump up. Then she looked at the one who caught her head, she was surprised to see Yamada.

“What are you doing here?”, Hikari asked.

“I was just walking by and then I saw you sleeping while sitting then your head was about to fall, good thing that I sat beside you before it does…”, Yamada smiled and giggled…

“What?!?!?~”, She said annoyed.

“It’s just that I never seen you sleep before… I mean you’re so cute when you’re asleep.” he looked at me while she blushed.

“Oh uhm, can I ask you a single question?”

“Yah, sure anything.” she nodded

“Does Shida sensei had a husband?”

“I doubt it…” she smiled

Then he stood up and he smiled widely, I bet he’s very very happy.

“BYE!BYE!, See you at school…!!!” He run away… Then he looked back, oh, and thanks about the info…~~~”he continued to run.

“That boy is such a childminded, but very positive.” she smiled and then she went back home…

On her way home she noticed that someone is following her, she looked back but she failed to see any figure. She continued to walk, she then noticed that she wasn’t alone…

“I know you’re there! Show yourself!” the words came out of her mouth highly.

Someone showed and then another appeared on the other side of her. She was surrounded by the two man who looked like a molester…

” Stay away from me! I’m warning you!!!”

But the two came walking towards her.

“Stay away from ME!!!” she cried loudly. The two man ignored her.

“Why don’t you come join us, we just wanted to play.” The tall man smiled.

Then Hikari heard someone is coming, running to their direction, her tears fell as her heart beats faster and faster every second, she wanted to scream but she couldn’t.